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6965 El Camino Real, Suite 204
Carlsbad, CA 92009

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John P. DiMaccio, DDS


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6965 El Camino Real, Suite 204
Carlsbad, CA 92009
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“Best dentist we ever had”

By: The Mallorys

Dr. DiMaccio is our favorite dentist ever. He does his utmost to help you keep what you have and is caring, considerate and effective in pain management. Gina, who is skilled and effective in handling the billing, is someone you want to have on your side. Waits are rarely long and cleanings are swift and efficient.

“Mouth worth a million!!”

By: Sara Gengler

My elderly folks were patients of Dr. D.'s when I moved to Carlsbad, CA in 2004. I started seeing Dr. D. at his Carlsbad office at that time. I knew my folks both loved him and his staff. My mom was a former dental asst., so she'd had some inside knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, I had a LOT of crown work done on the right side of my mouth at another a dental office in nearby Oceanside, CA in 2005 because that office accepted my insurance at that time (South Oceanside Dental Group-Dr. Gregory Peterson (he's now with Gentle Dental in La Jolla, to the best of my knowledge). Dr. Peterson NEVER got my two opposing crowns right. I was unhappy with them for more than five years. Although he tried to resolve the problems with them by drilling them down, they were always annoying and uncomfortable. Meanwhile, I knew I needed a lot of expensive dental work on the other side of my mouth, which I put off for many years because I was afraid that someone else would mess up the other side of my mouth. I finally "bit the bullet" and went to Dr. D. He and his staff installed two crowns on the left side of my mouth, and did an awesome job! I was so very happy with everything about my experience with Dr. D., his office, and his staff. They are all so consciencious! I had expressed to Dr. D. my dissatisfaction regarding the two crowns formerly installed on the right side of my mouth some five years ago, and we decided it would be best if I tried to live with them. Dr. D. was kind enough to try to polish them, so that food didn't stick to them so much. I thought my mouth was in good shape for the long haul. However, less than one month later, one of those crowns installed in 2005 by Dr. Peterson came off! I phoned Gina, Dr. D's office manager, and we scheduled an appointment. Pursuant to our conversation about the problem crowns, we decided to replace both of them. Everything went like clockwork, and I am absolutely delighted with my new mouth, thanks to Dr. D. and his great staff! I expect the four crowns installed by Dr. D. to last me a lifetime (they were bonded on instead of glued on like the ones installed five years ago), and even though I don't have dental insurance, but am on one of several discount dental plans that Dr. D. accepts. His office was kind enough to offer me even greater discounts for paying up front, and taking a spur-of-the-moment opening they offered me. In all, I saved more than $500 in unexpected discounts! But wait! That's not all, when Dr. D. told me I could watch him work on my mouth with a mounted mirror, I was eager to do so. (Not required, mind you, but I'm not squeamish about such things.) When he realized that I jumped at the chance to watch and learn, he came to life. He couldn't wait to explain to me what was going on and educate me about what he was doing and why! It was awesome! It became eminently that he loves what he does, and has a keen interest in it. I also loved that he was happy to show things to his assistant and teach her as well. Dr. D. explained to me how very important it is to use a dental lab with trained, skilled "tooth" artisans. Finally, I discussed my elderly mother's teeth with Dr. D. She is an Alzheimer's victim, and her assisted living facility does not properly care for her teeth. Dr. D was nice enough to encourage me to bring her in anytime I feel that she's up to cooperating, and that he would fit her into his busy schedule. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my dentist and his staff! I admit that I don't remember all of his staff member's names, but I can tell you that every single one is the cream of the crop in his/her specialty!

“patient & friend”

By: Dena Weirich

My teeth look & feel great!! It's been a long time since I have been able to say that. Thank you soooo much Dr. DiMaccio, you are the best!!

“Clinical Associate Professor”

By: Dr. Neal C. Murphy

I drive 150 miles from Los Angeles to see Dr. DiMaccio for my dental needs. I am particularly impressed with his painless injection techniques which I have incorporated in my lectures. As a dental educator I am sensitive to not only technical excellence but humanistic warmth and sincere empathy which all health professionals must have. Thus, I am a little hypercritical of all doctors. Happily, Dr. DiMaccio is to dental care as a musical maestro is to a symphony. He embodies all the characteristics which I tell my students they should develop to be caring technically excellent dentists. As a native of the Midwest he also subscribes to a strong sense of personal integrity. You can trust him.

“I LOVE my teeth!!!!!”

By: Carolyn Gibbons

I was so fearful of the dentist before coming to Dr DiMaccio! I never felt a thing! I used to cover my mouth and not show my teeth. Now,I can't stop smiling! People compliment me everyday! Dr DiMaccio has the BEST staff too! I can't express my satisfaction enough! Thank you Dr DiMaccio! You changed my life!!!! Thank you !!!!! Love, Carolyn

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