Eric Gelfand, DMD


108-03 Liberty Avenue
Richmond Hill, NY 11419

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Richmond Hill Dental Assoc


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108-03 Liberty Avenue
Richmond Hill, NY 11419
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Tuesday 10/25/2016 Wednesday 10/26/2016 Thursday 10/27/2016 Friday 10/28/2016 Saturday 10/29/2016

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“Highest Recommendation”

By: Dominick J. Fontana

Richmond Hill Dental Association, in general and Dr. Eric Gelfand, DMD in particular, offer top-notch, state of the art dental care. I was one of his first patients when he opened his practice on Liberty Avenue many years ago. Dr. Gelfand's dental expertise is not the only reason that I highly recommend his services. He has a light touch when he works on your teeth and always makes sure all his patients are comfortable and pain-free at all times. In addition, he is extremely friendly and employs a very professional and courteous staff. It is for these reasons that I give Dr. Gelfand 5 Stars. Highly recommended.

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