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Palatine, IL 60067

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647 N 1st Bank Dr
Palatine, IL 60067
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“do not trust this dentist”

By: J Bonadonna

DR ANNA PELAK IS A FRAUD. SHE WILL CREATE MORE ISSUES THEN THERE REALLY ARE. BEWARE. THE ONLY REASON I RATED HER A 1 IS BECAUSE THE WOULD NOT LET ME LEAVE IT A BIG FAT ZERO! i went in for a filling and was told that i needed to have "inlays" done on the top back 3 molars. i insisted that there was no pain but she insisted that they absolutely needed these inlays or i would have to get root canals done on all 3 teeth. so i trusted her. i had to wait of course 3 weeks for the inlay to come in. went in to have it replace and it didn’t fit right. had to wait another 4 weeks before i would get it done so i walked about for 7 weeks with a temp inlay in my tooth. during the last week (wk 6) the temp fell out and i was told by her receptionist to glue it in with Fixodent. not pleasant. when i finally was able to go in a get it done, the hygienist scraped the glue off the inside of my tooth without numbing and repeated hit me in the nerve with the pick. again, not pleasant. after that, the tooth was never the same, the pain progressed, but i was pregnant and could not get it fixed again until the baby came out. by that time i was in severe pain, could not eat on that side at all. funny how i was fine, no pain, but the minute she touched it, it was ruined. i proceeded to go to another dentist to have it looked at. His diagnosis was that the nerves were severely traumatized and i would have to go to a specialist for a root canal and get a full crown put on. after the specialist review my extras he determined that this tooth at the time would have been fine with just a filling, that they measures Anna Pelak went to were unnecessary. he also said that i was not the first patient that had come to him to fix her mistakes. Now i am left paying for the crown 100% on my own because of the damage she did to my tooth. this is not the only issue i have had. several teeth that i had major work on have never been the same, very sensitive now to hot/cold, to pressure on them, i have to watch how i bit on things. DO NOT TRUST THIS DENTIST. YOU WILL SPEND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS LIKE I DID, YET CONTIUNE TO HAVE ISSUE AFTER ISSUE WITH HER WORK!